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What is the Gist of Your Story? #6

Walls says it took her more than 25 years of agonizing over the “intensely personal” and “potentially embarrassing” childhood experiences before she managed to approach her story in a constructive way, and then it took another 3 to 4 years of rewrites before the book was ready for publication.

What is the Gist of Your Story? #3

“I’ve had a long history with conventional publishing and like most authors, I suspect, I had both good stories and bad stories to tell. So I decided to self-publish my mystery series, and in doing so I was tackling a bit of a mystery of my own, plunging into a whole new world in which I would not only be the author, but the editor, publicist, and marketer as well.”

What is the Gist of Your Story? #2

You can read Brad's new blog project where he, as a gay author, is chronicling his journey reading the Bible for the first time: The Bible ProjectAs a resident in a gentrifying neighborhood, his novel  - This Too Shall Pass - grew out of his concern for what constitutes a community and the types of tests that bring out the best and worst in the people who reside there.

Guidelines for guest bloggers

If you'd like to share a story about change or explore the potential for change in the life of a story character, or if you'd like to contribute creative writing tips or talk about your own writing and publishing journey, contact me to arrange a guest appearance on my blog