Guidelines for guest bloggers

Guidelines for guest bloggers


Hello, and welcome to my blog. I'm a writer and book coach. My favorite topics are personal transformation and global change. This is my space where I talk about my publications and work-in-progress, where I share creative writing tips, and where I interact with readers and writers to learn about their challenges and achievements. I hope you'll hang out here a lot, for the benefit of your reading and writing as much as for your personal enjoyment and growth.

My social media network consists of:

  • writers of fiction and nonfiction
  • other creative writing teachers
  • other bloggers
  • expatriates from all over the world

My blog showcases regular posts on:

  • creative writing
  • the changing world of the book business
  • rite-of-passage stories by guest writers

My approach to writing and coaching:

Keeping in mind the increasing complexity of life in today’s global world, the classic maxim that “the only constant is change” is truer than it’s ever been. As a writer and coach, I believe the dynamics of change affect characters in storytelling as much as they do individuals in real life. It's this principle that underpins my coaching as well as my own writing. Tour my website/blog for more details about my published memoir, upcoming creative writing guide, and w.i.p. novel.

Your opportunities:

If you'd like to share a real story about change or explore the potential for change in the life of a story character, or if you'd like to contribute creative writing tips or talk about your own writing and publishing journey, contact me to arrange a guest appearance on my blog (see guidelines below).

To blog or not to blog continues to be an interesting debate, and I’ve recently seen it veer toward the sentiment of ‘too many blogs = information overload.’ There is no doubt that the success of a blog depends on subscribers who participate regularly via informative comments because they find the content valuable. Hosting other writers helps to infuse your blog with diverse points of view on matters of mutual interest.

If you don't have your own blog, participating on other blogs is a great way of  gaining and sustaining a social media presence to create, convey, and promote your profile / business / books. Choose a number of blogs that offer valuable information or content you relate to, subscribe to keep track of the blogger’s activities, become a loyal participant by regularly leaving comments and following the thread; then, when the right opportunity presents itself (all in good taste), you can share information about yourself, or you can invite the blogger and his/her followers to connect with you on other social media platforms and that way build your own network.

Guidelines for guest blogging:

  • Please start by subscribing to Belinda Nicoll and participating in the discussions.
  • Submit articles that are well thought through and edited - word count: 500-1000 max.
  • Attach jpg.file of author photo and brief bio with links to ways readers can follow you: Website/blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, etc.
  • Attach any (legal) photos that are relevant to your story (max. 2).
  • Be available to respond to comments in the week following your posting (I usually post on Friday mornings; this gives people a chance to respond at their leisure over weekends).
  • Post deadline: at least a week before it goes live.
  • I will announce your post on Facebook and tag you, as well as on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ and I usually share the link with various groups on these platforms. Feel free to do the same and more if you want.
  • Let me know if you want to do a book giveaway to a random commenter. I will do the drawing a week after the posting and notify the winner and you via email with instructions to email you with their preference of digital version and their home address if they choose the paperback version.
  • Please do not approach me for a book review - author interviews are by invitation only.
  • Contact me here, and I'll get back to you with instructions.

On my professional Facebook page - Belinda Nicoll (Author/Coach) - I post updates about my book, blog, and business that deal with issues concerning personal transformation and global change. Please check it out; my offering to authors, bloggers, and coaches who 'like' the page is to plug their websites / blogs or share a specific status update on their request. Please nudge me whenever you'd like me to share something.

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