What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a dynamic and relatively new service that follows in the footsteps of sports and business coaching. Similar to mentoring, the concept refers to the support a person gets from an expert while going through a learning process. Timothy Gallwey is known as the godfather of the coaching movement for having identified the self-improving potential of sports. His series of Inner Game books explores the connection between the outer game (sport and business) and the inner game of the mind. As a tennis instructor, the author observed how players created their own mental blocks on the court by doubting their abilities and imagining failure. He realized success depended not only on the right technical skills but on a positive attitude as well.

Professional life coaches are motivational experts who offer their skills to people wishing to achieve specific goals or create positive change in their lives. Coaching is about helping people find inspiration and take action to reach their full potential.

The dynamics that guide character transformation in storytelling are no different than those that drive personal and social change in real life.

Coaching models and methodologies are numerous. They are outcome-oriented programs that promote the development of new strategies for thinking and acting in a way that leads to personal growth or professional advancement. Remedial change, on the other hand, is more associated with counseling and therapy. Life coaches are not therapists. They don’t define how things should be, nor do they judge the outcome. They simply create a safe and structured environment in which clients can contemplate the internal and external influences that reinforce their strengths and weaknesses.

The coaching philosophy assumes that people already have the resources they need to manifest what they really want. The coach assists the process by raising the client’s levels of awareness and responsibility, guiding the development and execution of an action plan, and providing the necessary feedback to evaluate evidence of success, thus ensuring the client’s ongoing progress.


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