The Gist of a Great Blog Series


I’d like to thank my last guest, Sonia Marsh, for her contribution to the Premise/Themes series. This has been a popular topic. I intend to augment it with another series later in the year and will probably call on the same writers for contributions with a different angle. My idea is to eventually publish an anthology related to 'mindful creative writing that translates to effective book promotion.' For now, though, I feel compelled to advance my work-in-progress, so I’ll be blogging on both my creative writing guide and novel for a while. You should find this both interesting and useful as the focus will be, mostly, on technique related to character transformation.

Sometimes, moving forward with a new project requires taking a step back from an old one, which might be the case to some degree with the marketing of my memoir, though I have no intention of abandoning Out of Sync altogether … mother hen is just trusting that her little chick has enough momentum to ‘fly by itself’ for a while. Besides, I need time to develop a new promotional strategy as I've learned there's no benefit to book sales from regurgitating the same old tactics—every now and again an author should develop fresh messaging, generate new audiences, explore other networks and augment online marketing efforts with on-the-ground activities. On Saturday, 08/10, I'm participating in my city's Rock the Ville event, where I'll be reading from my memoir—as you all know, book-signing opportunities are always welcome!

Remember: a sound premise and compelling themes are undoubtedly the hallmarks of great writing. Plus, effective book publicity relies on strong promotional messages, which are extracted from the themes contained in your writing that, collectively, make up the premise of the story.

Thanks again to all the wonderful writers for their generous contributions:

A work-in-progress novel, by Brad Windhauser.
The City of Mystery series, by Kim Wright.
A work-in-progress memoir, by Kathleen Pooler.
Sailing Down the Moonbeam, by Mary Gottschalk.
The Glass Castle (my review), by Jeannette Walls.
A soon-to-be-released memoir, by Paige Strickland.
Again in a Heartbeat  / Morning at Wellington Square, by Susan Weidener.
Adopted Reality, by Laura Dennis.
Leaving the Hall Light On, by Madeline Sharples.
All She Ever Wanted (w.i.p. novel), by Carol Bodensteiner.
A w.i.p. book about breasts, by Trudi Taylor.
Home Sweet Hardwood, by Pat McKinzie.
A Heart Not Easily Broken, by M.J. Kane.
A series of books about traditions in Africa, by Ian Mathie.
Seven in a Jeep (my review), by Ed Gaydos.
Freeways to Flip-Flops, by Sonia Marsh.